STM32Cube library – Part 1 Toolchain

This series of posts will hopefully help someone looking to set up and use the STM32Cube libraries provided by st-micro. This first post will cover setting up a development toolchain on a Linux system and the next post will cover making a hello world application.

What is this Cube library anyway?

The Cube library is a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) developed by st-microelectronics to take some of the pain out of development with ARM microcontrollers. Their success in goal is debatable, but it does make porting code from other microcontrollers in their products easier. My main gripe is that it has a large memory footprint, and coming from the very space limited world of 8-bit microcontrollers I find the wastefulness annoying. That being said, I have come to use it as it considerably decreases my development time.

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Writing to STM32 flash

First real blog post!

Over the summer I was having a dreadful time using the runtime flash controller on a stm32 (stm32f042) board that I had made. I was finally able to make it work, so I will post my result here, hopefully it will help someone.

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